Competence fields in Weser-Ems

Field of activity 6: good communication even in crises

A lot of people outside agriculture have not experienced and comprehended the technological development in the agricultural and nutrition economy. School books are outdated, the plants are not accessible, advertising media are misleading. For this reason, ideas of the consumers with regard to livestock farming and food production are frequently far away from the operational practice. However, the operations are predominantly not publicly accessible, among others also for hygienic reasons. The agricultural marketing is often far away from the production situation of the state-of-the-art agriculture. 

Nowadays the bio-economy companies are increasingly required to talk more intensively to the consumer and to consider the consumer communication as part of the market developments. The advantages of state-of-the-art technologies and production procedures with regard to diversity, quality and safety of the products are not sufficiently communicated. There is the lack of preparation of the consumers for the potential exploitation of new natural raw materials in the future (e.g. algae). The economy has to integrate the consumers in a better way and apply more money for consumer information and consumer education.

Media reporting on defects aggravate the acceptance problem. During the last months one increasingly referred to needs for action in the agricultural and food economy. This requires particularly

  • the workplace design, remuneration and accommodation,
  • the livestock farming, animal welfare and the use of medication, the increase in multi-resistant germs,
  • the dimensions of stable facilities, neighbouring conflicts due to emissions, 
  • the handling of manure surplus and the application or organic and mineral fertiliser, the contamination of groundwater etc.

Politics, economy and supervisory authorities have correspondingly reacted to this. Sustainable management has to find a compensation between economic profit, social jusitce and environmental compatibility.