Competence fields in Weser-Ems

Field of activity 2: energy systems and infrastructures

The role of Weser-Ems as “energy hub“ in the areas promotion, processing and transport requires future-oriented and strategically sustainable decisions at the energy system and infrastructure level. Special challenges not only result from the necessity of integrating the fast-moving renewable energy production into the existing energy system. For this planning also the conventional energy carriers existing in the region shall be integrated. Interfaces between the energy and ICT-sector build supporting solutions, which should be further accelerated in order to facilitate an optimal integration of renewable energies and at the same time to ensure the important requirement of supply reliability.

Within this context, a central challenge is to secure the electricity and network quality at the simultaneous shutdown of conventional huge power plants, which not only feed active power into the network, but at the same time also provide essential system services to maintain the power supply, for example, reactive power, control energy and so-called rotating masses. Renewable energies can and must increasingly contribute to these system services in the future in order to be able to shoulder the main burden of the power supply system. In addition to this, there are constantly growing security requirements at increasing network complexity and requirements with regard to the ICT-infrastructure necessary for this.

Furthermore the region has to develop solutions for the integral consideration of all energy domains on a medium-term basis (connection of the sectors energy, heat and gas).