Competence fields in Weser-Ems

Field of activity 5: energy building

The energy industry is very significant as an employment driver. The good training and further education capacities through the located companies and education institutions belong to the identified strengths of Weser-Ems. With regard to the dynamic conversion of the energy systems and the changing energy-economic and regulative framework conditions this strength has to be further supported and extended in order to react to the changing demands and requirements. Within the context of professional education the aspect of adaptation qualification in connection with the energy transition is a necessary step, because the energy industry will be affected by new technologies and a rethinking process. In addition to this, the professional orientation at schools is becoming more and more important, however, also the adequate address of citizens and their raising awareness regarding the subject “energy transition“ constitutes an essential component of a future-proof energy building.

Additionally the systematic screening of the research and promotion landscape serves as establishment of new networks and cooperation as well as the implementation of innovative and preferably sustainable financing options.