Competence fields in Weser-Ems

Smart specialisation

High economic development dynamics and international competition also put regions under essential pressure if they want to guarantee prosperity and social security for their inhabitants in a sustainable way.

Regional specialisation appears to be a solution approach, however, raises a lot of questions especially for predominantly rural regions like Weser-Ems. One of the obvious strengths of the region, the broad medium-sized mix of industries, could run into danger by means of unilateral specialisation. At the same time mono-structures could develop, which imply enormous dependencies for the region.

Against this background the European Commission refers to the necessity of smart specialisation. Today intelligent specialisation constitutes a core element of regional innovation policy in Europe and increasingly becomes the focal point of European regional and structural policy.

Smart specialisation requires the focusing of political action and investments on regional key priorities and necessities for a knowledge-based development. It counts on strengths, competitive advantages and excellence of the regions and comprehensively includes regional key players.

In this sense, for Weser-Ems three outstanding competence fields have been identified, in which we are excellently positioned, also at an international level: bio-economy, energy and maritime economy. They are the key supporters of extraordinary regional development dynamics, however, they are under enormous pressure. Their success and potentials are frequently based on the same industry competences, which particularly are represented by the regional medium-sized enterprises, as well as on the knowledge in universities, research institutions and a lot of consultancy and transfer facilities.