Competence fields in Weser-Ems

Weser-Ems in a profile view

With approximately 2.4 million inhabitants and a space of about 15.000 km² the region Weser-Ems is located in the northwest of Germany. In large parts it is a rural area and comparatively sparsely populated, however, it can be reached easily along the existing motorway network.

Weser-Ems has a very young and growing population, also the development prognosis is positive, although there are significant differences in partial spaces.

In terms of administration the area includes the former administrative region Weser-Ems with altogether 12 administrative districts and five district-free cities. Within the region as well as with the adjacent areas and going beyond them there have been diverse and partly very close cooperation and networks for years.

The service sector and processing industry build the main emphases of value added; the shares approximately correspond to the regional level. Special competences are in the field of bio-economy, energy economy and maritime economy with several well-known and internationally successful enterprises. Comprehensively important industry sectors are metal and mechanical engineering, plastics processing and logistics. In addition to this, agriculture and construction industry are comparably strongly represented. Due to the natural specific characteristics the tourist industry has a special importance particularly at the coast.

For a long time the region in large parts was regarded as the poorhouse of Germany, which, however, has changed very dynamically since the nineties. The so-called Future Atlas, which comprises an indicator set with regard to demography, wealth/ social situation, job market and competition/ innovation, discloses a dynamic development for large parts of the region, as it would rather be assumed for South Germany (see Prognos Future Atlas regions).