Competence fields in Weser-Ems

Maritime economy

The maritime economy constitutes an important structural pillar for the region Weser-Ems. More than 400 companies from the maritime core sectors are involved in the region with more than 18,000 employees in the region. The complete maritime value added chain can be found in Weser-Ems. As maritime location the region has a high significance for Germany.

In Weser-Ems 65 shipping companies are located with approximately 2,000 employees. From the locations Leer, Haren (Ems) and Emden alone approximately 750 ships are operated worldwide. Almost 200 companies in the region Weser-Ems are involved as suppliers and service providers for the maritime economy with about 5,900 employees. The 18 regional companies in the area of shipbuilding not only include large shipyards but also small boat builders. The major share of employees is employed by the Jos. L. Meyer shipyard in Papenburg with 3,100 employees and further indirect 17,000 jobs all over Germany. Nearly all goods can be handled in the ports of the region with almost 3,000 employees. In this, the individual port locations respectively have particular specialisations. The sector of marine technology including maritime performances in favour of the offshore wind industry constitutes an increasingly important segment with already approximately 40 companies in the region.

In the sector of maritime knowledge infrastructure the region has education institutions, which transfer nautical and maritime knowledge for education and training purposes, as well as research institutions, which mainly render performances and services of applied research and development. This includes the university Emden/Leer with the faculty maritime shipping at the location Leer as well as affine disciplines in Emden. At the location Leer also the maritime competence centre (MARIKO) is located. In the eastern part of Weser-Ems is the   Jade University with the faculty maritime shipping at the location Elsfleth as well as affine disciplines at the locations Oldenburg and Wilhelmshaven. Elsfleth is additionally the location of the maritime competence centre for the sector of training and education. In Elsfleth and Leer there are maritime simulation systems of international standard.