Competence fields in Weser-Ems


Weser-Ems has drawn up a future vision to strengthen the positioning as energy transition region. In this, the vision is decisively based on the excellent networking of players, technology and research infrastructures:

“Excellence achieved by NETworking in the energy region Weser-Ems! With smart players, technologies and infrastructures into the energy future.”

The region Weser-Ems offers an excellent starting point for the implementation of the national energy transition and has the potential to develop into a model region within the context of energy transition also on a European scale.

In the sense of NETworking strategy the players of the region succeed in bringing together the “energy renovators“ from economy, science, administration, the education system and population, extending strategic alliances and establishing sustainable structures for knowledge networking. This way, the region unites and networks players, technology and research infrastructures, which lead the energy transition to success.