Competence fields in Weser-Ems

Field of activity 1: energy and resource efficiency

The increase of saving and optimisation potentials existing in the region Weser-Ems is of central importance for the success of energy transition. On closer examination it can be determined that the subject has a tremendous complexity (“energy efficiency is everywhere“,  “rebound-effect“) and the requirements can only be fulfilled by an integral approach. Consequently the measures in the field of energy and resource efficiency are arranged in an interdisciplinary way. Here the coordination and cooperation with the municipalities and regional authorities must be particularly close, which have already drawn up many energy and climate protection concepts or plan their arrangement and where many activities are described, which concern efficiency measures. In order to use these concepts in a sustainable way one should also think about the development of an energy efficiency model region, which can only succeed if the corresponding players can cooperate across the entire region. In order to reach measurability and success monitoring based on this, performance indicators and benchmarks should be (further) developed to install corresponding incentive systems. The “National Action Plan Energy Efficiency“ provides a good basis for this as an accompanying measure.  
In addition to this, it is important to expand the existing know-how in the area of energy efficiency technologies and to strengthen the company landscape.