Competence fields in Weser-Ems

Chances / risks

The region Weser-Ems is one of the pioneers of the energy transition and simultaneously has benefited from the previous conversion of the energy system in a decisive manner. New companies and jobs have been created and the innovation intensity of the region has clearly increased. In particular this positive development of the energy industry has made a contribution to the fact that the Weser-Ems region belongs to one of the most dynamic regions in Germany in the meantime. On the other hand, however, the region is one of those, which as first is confronted with the negative consequences of this development. These include:

  1. Surface pressure and acceptance problems
  2. Dependencies through regulatory measures
  3. Question concerning the future role of conventional energies 
  4. Strong focus on energy offer and production
  5. Integrated solution approaches in the region  
  6. Fragmented player structure


StrengthsWeaknesses/ challenges
  • Strong energy industry for the entire value-added chain
  • Broad range of companies
  • Good location prerequisites for the energy production
  • Cooperation structures
  • Education capacities
  • Strong focus on the supply side
  • Expandable technology competences in the area of energy efficiency
  • Strong fragmentation of responsibilities
  • International cooperation in the energy sector
  • Energy transition as long-year task
  • Energy transition as social transformation process
  • Declining acceptance
  • Change of support scheme
  • Intensification of competition
  • Uncertain regulative framework conditions