Competence fields in Weser-Ems

In addition to the key players and experts themselves transfer and consultancy structures are an important element in the regional innovation system. They support the promotion of innovations and networking of knowledge. In particular, for the knowledge transfer of knowledge-providing institutions to smaller and medium-sized enterprises, transfer and consultancy centres can play an essential role.

The region Weser-Ems is confident that an even stronger benefit can be generated for the regional companies from the knowledge and potential of universities and institutes. At the same time the regional-economic development and requirements from economy are to be a guideline for the further development of the regional universities. Above all, in the three competence fields of bio-economy, energy and maritime economy the economic and regional university development increasingly are to go hand in hand in the future to achieve best possible structural effects for Weser-Ems.

The regional business development programmes of the administrative districts and district-free cities, the university transfer offices as well as chambers are available with their advisory capacity within the field of innovation support and transfer.