Competence fields in Weser-Ems

Field of activity 1: give orientation for the structural change of bio-economy

Due to the high productivity of agricultural and food industry in Germany and particularly in  Weser-Ems one frequently expects from here an essential contribution can be made to solve the world food problem. However, on sober reflection of volume requirements and flows of goods one gets to the conclusion that in the long run the contribution by exporting knowhow in the areas animal breeding and plant cultivation, agricultural technology, process technology etc. and by exporting investment goods can definitely be higher than by exporting food.

Still too little attention is paid to the idea of structural change. An interesting development and growth strategy on the markets is “getting away from quantity with low margin to more quality, harmlessness and safety as well as functionality of food with a higher margin“. There are a lot of occasions and drivers for innovations and structural change in the food industry. It is decisive to tackle and use them in Weser-Ems.