Competence fields in Weser-Ems

Field of activity 9: specialists for the change of bio-economy

The growing demand in food and biomass requires productivity increases, which can only be achieved by new innovations (e.g. smart farming, nutrient analytics and management, agrologistics). The associated requirements for products and services as well as their complexity will rise.

Particularly the transformation of mass production geared towards economic criteria into a production oriented towards sustainability and functionality will rapidly increase the qualification requirements for the employees and management.

We have to make sure that in times of increasing competition for young people skills shortage will not become a limiting factor for the dynamic development in bio-economy in  Weser-Ems. Within this context the importance of the regional image should not be underestimated. An image of the region Weser-Ems associated with positive values, which is compliant with common practice, is an essential prerequisite for the recruitment of external specialists and executives.