Competence fields in Weser-Ems

Fields of activity

The regional coordination process in the Strategic Council and the commissioned knowledge hubs contributed to more knowledge regarding strengths and weaknesses as well as chances and risks in the bio-economy in Weser-Ems. On this foundation first specific proposals for action could be developed:

Field of activity 1: give orientation for the structural change of bio-economy

Field of activity 2: management and quality assurance of the water supply

Field of activity 3: careful treatment of the resource soil

Field of activity 4: promote the material use of re-growing raw materials

Field of activity 5: management and quality assurance of farm manure

Field of activity 6: good communication even in crises

Field of activity 7: orientation for the change of nutrition

Field of activity 8: technical innovations for the agricultural practice of tomorrow

Field of activity 9: specialists for the change of bio-economy