Competence fields in Weser-Ems


BoniRob-ErnteroboterThe region Weser-Ems has developed into one of the most efficient agricultural economic areas worldwide during the last decades. On the basis of the agricultural economy the bio-economy builds an added value network, in which the various bio-based economic sectors are interrelated with each other by means of freight flows.  

In former times the focus of agricultural and food economy clearly lied on the production of animal food and food. Since the end of the nineties the re-growing raw materials with their material and energetic uses have clearly gained in importance.

Many companies in Weser-Ems set a very high standard of performance in their industry sectors. It is a clear advantage that the value added chains of bio-economy with the strong agricultural basis and preceding and subsequent areas are completely existing in the region Weser-Ems. Success factors are the (still strong) family-run entrepreneurship, an intensive cooperation culture and the interdisciplinary cooperation, which facilitate high dynamics and flexibility.

  • Weser-Ems has approximately 16 % of employees within the agricultural sector in Germany. 
  • After vehicle construction the food industry constitutes the second important economic sector within the processing industry in Lower Saxony not only with regard to the sales volume but also regarding the importance for the job market.
  • In Weser-Ems there are 99 enterprises with 4,447 employees in the sector of agricultural technology.
  • More than a third of all Lower Saxony’s tree nursery companies can be found in the administrative district Ammerland alone.
  • The main emphasis of the Lower Saxony’s food industry is based in the former administrative district Weser-Ems, where with 279 companies approximately 43 percent of all enterprises producing food and animal food in Lower Saxony are located.